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Navigating the Issue of Furniture Pricing

When you are looking to buy new or used furniture there is a lot to consider, not least of which is price. Everyone is on some form of budget, whether it is restricted by your (MORE)
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Buying New Furniture: Standard Furniture Dimensions

Furniture is a complicated area of domestic life that just never seems to be done. Among the many issues it provides is the issue of estimating what the dimensions of a piece (MORE)
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Standards to Know When Buying New Furniture

There are no two pieces of furniture alike, right? Wrong. Although there is great diversity in style, material or color the sizes of furniture items are generally the same. Th (MORE)
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Retro Living Room Furniture

A retro living room can be inspired by furniture and fabrics from the 1940s to the 1970s. You can create a period look or mix and match different styles to create something un (MORE)

Do's and Don'ts in Cleaning Upholstered Furniture

Knowing the basics of upholstered furniture cleaning can save you money from calling a furniture cleaner every time you stain your furniture. Timely and immediate solutions ar (MORE)